• Shower Enclosures by Heritage Glass

    Our current staff has over 10 years of experience
    Custom-made for your opening.
    We acquire your doors to-order - No Gaps, No Overlaps, Custom fit every time!
    Attention to every detail
    Shower enclosures with quality metal and materials

    The Difference we make

    With a wide selection of pattern glass, you truly can make your shower enclosure your own custom design.
    There is one concept that we emphasize when it comes to shower enclosures.
    This concept is custom made.
    You deserve a product that literally fits your needs. Our installers will measure you opening precisely. We will custom order your door, assemble and produce top of the line products in our own shop and send one of our professional installers to you to custom fit your shower enclosure. With over 10 years of experience our installers know that attention to detail is required to produce a quality product. With us there are no gaps, no overlaps, no leaks, we pay attention to every detail including the caulking and the proper use of silicone. We do not order stock doors, unless we know they fit. We do not use cheap materials, because we know it causes problems in the future.

    With our precision measurements, every shower or tub enclosure is a perfect fit. We offer stock finishes of Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze and we also have many custom finishes available. We have many styles for continuous hinged shower doors and bi-pass enclosures: Framed, Semi-Frameless, and Frameless. Come visit our showroom in Venice to see what your new shower enclosure can look like!

  • Storefronts

    Your storefront is the face of your company. Customers get their first impression of your business when they walk up to your door. The quality of your products and services is presented to your customers in these first critical moments. Your storefront will represent you and your quality, when Heritage Glass has finished the project.

    Our experienced team of commercial glaziers and project managers are all professionals in their fields. Whether you have a small retro-fit type project or your building is coming out of the ground, Heritage Glass will help you from conception to fruition. Heritage Glass employs installers of Impact and Nonimpact Storefront systems including:

    New Construction

    Renovations & Upgrades

    Custom Designed

    We offer value engineering and have a complete understanding of what it means to be on time, be professional and work within a budget. Furthermore we a deeply familiar with the latest hurricane impact codes and all of Florida's energy codes. Heritage Glass will serve you with quality products, quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. Call us today and send us your plans. Let us show you, why you will choose Heritage Glass to put your ideas into reality. Click here to check out some photos!
  • The clean flawless look of polished glass leaves a room looking more open and inviting. We offer different thickness range from ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” with all different style of edge work from a simple polished edge to any size beveled edge. Shelves, Cabinet Inserts or Table Tops, we have it all! You’ll be amazed at how a little change can make a big difference.
  • Custom Measurements
    Polished or beveled edges.. or mirror strips
    Quality wood or poly carbonite frames!

    Whether you have a new home, are looking to remodel or you require a large order for a corporate building we have the perfect mirrors for your taste. We carry all different colors of mirror, including the ‘traditional’, the antique or even smoked. Combined with our wood frames and our quality install service we make every job look professional. If you need beveled mirrored strips to cover the edge of your mirror with blacking edges, we carry 2” or 3” bevels. Our products are of quality, but quality only makes sense if it fits your desired space. We custom measure all your walls to make sure that our products fit your needs and if they don’t, we make them for you.

    When you are interested to see it for yourself, come to our showroom (click for a map). We will provide you with examples of the difference in quality we provide. Our part of the family business has been around since 2001. We embody experience! In the meanwhile, you can check out the gallery.

  • Many homes in Florida were built long before the legislature started enforcing the more stringent building codes due to the devastation caused by Hurricanes. These codes are very necessary for the welfare of the Florida residents and all homes not brought to code should be. In doing so your benefits are: security against thieves and intruders, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and possibly a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Click to view Window pictures in our project gallery
  • Glass Railing Systems

    We offer a wide variety of glass handrail systmes for both commercial and residential applications. From 1/2" clear tempered or Startfire glass for the interior to 1/2" laminated glass to meet hurricane impact code for the exterior. Whether you're a builder working on a high end store in a mall or a homeowner looking for a beautiful addition to your home on the gulf. Why not take the first step in enhancing the view of our beautful surroundings by calling us today for a free estimate.
  • We offer many different types of mirrored closet doors:
    Framed, Frameless, Bi-Fold, Sliding, or Beveled.

  • Our Story

    Heritage Glass Inc. is a family owned business that was founded in Venice Florida in 1991. As a family we are always there for each other and we do the same with all our clientele. We hold ourselves accountable to you, by always providing you the highest quality of service. Our business has employed expert glaziers for three generations and they are always on hand. We have our own factory in which we expedite the design and manufacture of quality glass products which in turn are installed by expert tradesman. Our team of professional installers are trained to handle the smaller to the largest jobs. We pride ourselves in being a service oriented family business that produces excellent quality products within desired timeframes.

    Our pricing is unique. The reason is simple: Many companies operate out of small buildings, with a small team and little resources to provide custom fits. The result: You will not get the support you need and deserve, because they cannot provide it to you. You will receive stock purchased doors that do not fit, will overlap and at worst cause leaks. The products they sell you are not custom made and have less quality. Our team is experienced and bigger, our metals are thicker and of higher quality, our installers custom fit your products.

    Come to our Showroom when you’re ready. We can show you the difference between most companies and us.

    When you are ready talk to us about our shower enclosures. We provide custom fits and designs, with the latest trends and colors.

    Talk to us about our storefronts. We provide you with professional installers of impact and nonimpact storefront systems for new construction, renovations, and custom designed systems that suit you creative needs.

    And be sure to ask about our work with windows, mirrors and glass doors. We provide polished edges, beveled mirrored strips, custom measured wall spaces for the perfect fit and polished glass that gives a flawless look that will make any room feel open and welcoming.

  • Why Heritage Glass?

    • Created with balanced ratios of the highest quality materials
    • Cuts are precise to 1/100th of a millimeter
    • Tempered and edge-ground when necessary, keeping you and your loved ones safe
    • Every sheet is inspected for imperfections
    • Reputation for meeting or exceeding industry standards no matter what
    • Transparent (yeah, we went there!) return policy: Money-back Heritage Guarantee
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  • Bonnie Shelley and Jill Copeland
    We want to compliment your employee, Mr. Josh Illig. Josh came to our home on Tuesday, April 18, to assist our St. Cloud representative, Mr. Gary Thell, who was doing some window repair at our home. Josh is one of the nicest, helpful, most polite young men I have ever met. He has a warm, generous spirit. We were grateful for him and grateful to meet him. We hope you will share our thoughts to you with him. Blessings to both of you. Thank you and blessings.

    Thanks again for everything! Your staff was exceptional and we really appreciated the great work they did and the professionalism they represented your company with.

    Thanks so much for sending over our final invoice and receipt. From start to finish, our experience with Heritage Glass has been excellent. We had gotten your name from a neighbor, and we’re so glad we took their recommendation! We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for excellent workmanship and service.

    Please extend our thanks to Erin and the rest of your fabulous team!

    Thank you! It was a great pleasure working with you and your company and I will definitely recommend your services to my neighbors in IslandWalk and those who access the Next Door site!

    Lori & Mark Jones
    Just wanted to thank you for your professional service and efficient installation of our mirrors. Special thanks for hanging the additional mirror in our guest bath, That was certainly an “extra” and very much appreciated!